PUA’s Faculty of Engineering organized a field visit for 3rd year students in the Architectural Engineering Department of to The Drive Waterway Mall in the Fifth Settlement. This is part of the Architectural Design 1 course (EA 211). This mall was chosen as it represents a unique model for studying the car lanes around fast food restaurants and cafes, through which car moves, and making orders from inside the car (drive-thru). Thus, it has a direct relationship with the project proposed to the students. The visit was supervised by faculty members, Dr. Ghada Ragheb and Dr. Taghreed Ahmed. Along with teaching assistants, T. A. Doaa Al-Behairy, and Eng. Reham Sharif.

The visit included a tour inside the mall, where the students took measurements of a number of the elements of the proposed project, analyzed the car lanes, and entered several restaurants to study the interior spaces. In addition to entering the kitchen of a restaurant to learn the basics of industrial or commercial kitchens.

The visit also included a quick tour of Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street in Old Cairo.