Under the auspices of Prof. Mona Brakat, the Dean of the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, an “Excellent Student Contest” was held on Tuesday, 24 December 2019. The coordination of this contest was managed in cooperation with the leading committee of student clubs. The judging panel was comprised of Prof. Mona Barakat, the faculty Dean and the Chairman of the panel, Prof. Mohamed Nassar, the Head of the Hotel Studies Department in Alexandria University and Dr. Lamiaa Ibrahim, the acting Vice Dean of Education and Students Affairs.

The contest aim was to support and encourage excellent students as well as motivate the other students to excel. The contest’s rules were that the competing students should engage in student activities, (or/and) volunteer work, (or/ and) community service. They also must have general knowledge, distinct personal vision and good language skills.

The top places for male students were as follows:

  • The first place went to Mohamed Tarek El Monofi
  • The second place went to Adham Amr.

The top places for female students were as follows:

  • The first place went to Salma Ihab
  • the second place to Tasbih Mosa.

Meanwhile, the students Rawan Al Maghribi and Hana Sherbash won the distinguished student award.

At the end of the day, the winners celebrated their win after the awards had been distributed. They also took photos for memory’s sake with the judging panel, faculty members and teaching assistants in the presence of a large number of students from different academic years.