In the framework of the joint cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management and ICOM Company, third and fourth- year students of the Tourism Department have completed the online summer internship with a test to measure students’ skills and their ability to conform to the labor market by measuring their innovation and creativity that were developed by distance education tools. The evaluation test was held on Monday, 12 October 2020. It is worth mentioning that the internship was virtual due to coronavirus. The internship included training seminars on how to organize conferences and manage risks and crises as well as facing the effects of the spread of coronavirus.

The panel of judges included Prof. Mona Barakat, the Former Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Mohamed Nasar and a distinguished team from ICOM Company.

The faculty administration extends its gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Ahmed El Shal, the Chairman of the Board and team of ICOM for the effective role in training the Tourism Department students.

The faculty hosted a specialized delegation of industrialists and tourism companies which was comprised of:

  • Adel Zakria, the Director of Egypt Online Tours.
  • Azza Reda, the Director of Grand Egypt.
  • Mohamed Youssef, the Director of Ramasside.
  • Sherine Owais, the Executive Vice President of Creditgo.

This is to evaluate the students who finished their summer internship in these companies, and the faculty administration has the honor to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to this committee for their efforts during the internship period in light of the challenges of the Coronavirus.