The Computer Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recently hosted its annual scientific day, attracting faculty members, teaching assistants, and students from all academic levels. The event garnered further significance with the attendance of Eng. Marwan Al-Kurdy, Director of Training and Development at Pyramakers.

The event commenced with a welcoming speech from Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Azim, the Department’s Academic Supervisor, who expressed gratitude to the distinguished guests and attendees. He emphasized the importance of maintaining regular industry engagement to ensure students remain aligned with evolving market demands.

Subsequently, Pyramakers conducted a lecture and workshop, introducing attendees to the latest technologies prevalent in the job market. They also showcased their locally-manufactured devices and highlighted ongoing software engineering demands.

Moreover, a fruitful discussion ensued between the lecturer and students, focusing on essential skill development for market readiness and brainstorming potential ideas for graduation projects. The event concluded with mutual appreciation gestures exchanged between the department and Pyramakers for their collaborative efforts towards the success of the scientific day.