PUAs Field Training Center, in coordination with the Student Activities Department and the Community Service Center, organized a training course on the basics of first aid in cooperation with the Future Center for Training, Consultations and Medical Services. The course tackled the definition of first aid, its significance in daily life, and how to handle, classify, and determine the types of some different cases of fainting. The course also demonstrated the most common situations in life, and showed the correct and incorrect methods while handling such situations.

At the beginning of the course, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Etman, PUAs Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, delivered a speech in which he underlined the importance of familiarizing each citizen with the basics of first aids, as he/she will surely need it at home, street, and at work. However, when it comes to complex cases, they should be left to specialists. Furthermore, many officials from Future Center participated in the course, which was attended by numerous students. At the end of the course, the students expressed their delight at the materials they learned in this remarkable course.