As part of PUA’s student activities programs, PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design held a seminar on “Basics of Designing Non-traditional Interior Spaces.” The seminar presented an overview of what traditional and non-traditional interior design is. Beginning with their historical sequence, how they began, and how they have changed over the past several years in terms of form, function, and relationship.

The symposium also demonstrated applied examples of each trend, and presented the difference between traditional and non-traditional design, how it is affected by digital technology, and the relationship of non-standard interior design to the exterior design of the building itself. In addition to working on human visual, psychological and physiological comfort.

Later on, the seminar presented, in details, the basics of interior design for all types of buildings (residential, administrative, service, commercial, etc.), with examples illustrating this in more than one form and material, to keep pace with modern technology.