Africa Day Celebration 2021


Under the umbrella of African international relations, and with the contribution of Dr. Mennatallah Goweyed, PUA’s international relations coordinator, and in coordination with the Association of African Universities, Dr. Nourhan El Haridi, Coordinator of African international relations participated in coordinating the celebration of the Africa Day. PUA along with some of its professors also participated in the event by holding seminars titled, “Arts, Culture & Heritage-Levers for Building the Africa We Want”.


Moreover, Dr. Amira Hamdy, Lecturer of Interior Design Program, Décor Department, PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design, delivered an online lecture titled “The Egyptian Identity in Contemporary Furniture Design”. This was a part of seminar on curriculum reforms.


Further, the event tackled numerous themes and sub-themes closely related to SDGs, Entrepreneurship, STEM Disciplines to encompass multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary between universities.  As well as the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025) as follows:

  1. i) Curriculum Reforms
  2. ii) The role of Diaspora Engagement

iii) Intergovernmental Cooperation

  1. iv) Heritage and Economic Cooperation