Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) aims to enhance community engagement with companies and organizations while providing exceptional training opportunities for its students across various faculties and specializations. In line with this objective, PUA has signed a cooperation protocol for training with the International Technology Engineering Consulting and Contracting Company (Al-Ansari Group) (AEC)

The signing ceremony was attended by a team from the company, headed by Eng. Mohamed El-Sayed Wahba, AEC’s representative in Egypt, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, PUA’s Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs. This protocol is specifically designed to train students from the Décor Department at the Faculty of Arts and Design.

AEC, which was established in 2004, has its main center in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, and operates in various engineering and consulting fields. This collaboration is expected to provide valuable practical experience and industry exposure to PUA students, aligning with the university’s mission to integrate academic knowledge with real-world applications.