Human resources:

A group of distinguished professors working at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing – Pharos University and from Alexandria University – will teach and supervise the different theses.


Material resources:

Drug Research Center

It includes a number of research laboratories specialized in the field of pharmaceutical research, which assist researchers in conducting their research, in addition to the availability of many advanced devices that are used in pharmaceutical research.


Specialized Research labs:

Five main labs of all disciplines in the faculty: pharmaceutics lab, pharmaceutical microbiology lab, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry lab, natural products chemistry lab, and toxics and pharmacology lab. The labs of the drug research centre include more than fifty-seven different devices and glass tools to assist researchers in conducting experiments.


Central Laboratory for scientific devices:

It includes chromatographic measurement devices such as HPLC device as well as GC.MS In addition to the U.V spectrophotometer and Near Infrared.


Animal House:

Animal House to conduct laboratory experiments on animals for the scientific researchers


Industrial pharmacy Lab:

Divided into two units:
First unit: the drug manufacturing unit.
Second unit: is a unit of quality control.



  1. The library gives access to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and creates accounts for faculty members and researchers to enable them to obtain all the required researches.
  2. The library contains more than 1489 books and theses in different disciplines as well as references and research journals available for reading and borrowing.
  3. The university paid special attention to its libraries, and provided them with sufficient resources to enrich the collections of books, references and to introduce modern technologies.


The Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Unit:

Includes 2 halls equipped with computers, the capacity of which is 45 devices/ hall to be used for multiple purposes and connected to the internet, so as to conduct researches, in addition to a simulation of a pharmacy in one of the halls. Another place is specified for Clinical Pharmacy.

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