The State’s political leadership has urged to pay special attention to university students, instill the values of loyalty and national belonging in them at the current stage, and familiarize them with the role and sacrifices of the armed forces. Accordingly, PUA’s Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences visited the Air Defense Academy. This visit provided an exceptional opportunity for the Faculty’s students to see first the advanced equipment and technology used by the Academy. In addition to the remarkable physical performances of the Academy’s students, which is a testament to their strength, discipline and physical fitness.

Furthermore, the students spent a day experiencing the life of a fighter capable of adapting to any situation and enduring all circumstances. Furthermore, they were introduced to the daily routine of the Academy’s students, and its role in providing an effective air protection to the military formations and the State’s key assets.

After that, the group visited the various specialized branches, educational complex, student dorms, faculty member preparation center, and reception hall. Then, the students attended a lecture that tackled with the definition of the Air Defense Academy, and how to produce an outstanding student in the field of Air Defense Sciences. The lecture also highlighted the mission of the Air Defense Forces, which is to provide an effective air protection for the formations of the armed forces and the State’s key assets the various phases of the combat. This would in return enable it to perform its tasks under the best possible combat conditions in the face of hostile air forces.

The visit was a great success, and the students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn more about the armed forces and their role in protecting the country. PUA is committed to continue providing its students with opportunities to learn and develop, academically and personally, and to instill the values of patriotism and national pride.

At the end of the visit, the visitors expressed their appreciation to the Academy’s commander for their exemplary hospitality and experiment