Faculty of Pharmacy – Pharos University, (Accredited from National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education) out of their responsibility toward the health and education community in Alexandria, aims to attract creative graduates into Postgraduate Programs.

Our leading-edge research and our close links with Pharmaceutical Industry and Public Sector Organizations makes us The University of Choice for a growing number of Postgraduate Researchers.

Our Postgraduate Programs Show Our Focus on:-

  • Master Degree In Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  (Ministerial Decree No. 1956 on 16-6-2016 )
  • Master Degree In Pharmacology.  (Ministerial Decree No. 1956 on 16-6-2016)
  • Master Degree In Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology.   ( Ministerial Decree No. 825 on 1-3-2021)
  • Diploma In Hospital Pharmacy.   ( Ministerial Decree No. 1956 on 16-6-2016 )

Keeping With our reputation and status as a Leading University, we are continually advancing the intensity, quality and international competitiveness of our research.

There Is No Better Time To Join us!

Vice Dean of Post Graduate Studies & Research