The faculty of Mass Communication in cooperation with faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology, organized a seminar entitled “Healthy Nutrition and Fast Food Culture” on Tuesday, 17 December 2019. The seminar was delivered by Prof. Essam Ghonem, the Head of the Nutrition Department, and Dr. Sally Salah and Dr. Doha Magdy- Lecturers in the Nutrition Department. The seminar included many aspects to promote healthy nutrition culture such as:

  • Basics of healthy nutrition.
  • Correcting wrong nutrition concepts.
  • What are nutrients?
  • The most popular nutrition misconceptions.
  • Fast food and obesity.
  • Advantages of healthy nutrition for the body.
  • Harmful effects of continuously eating fast food and drinking fizzy drinks.
  • Scientific solutions for a better healthy life.

The coordination of this seminar was managed under the supervision of Prof. Azza Othman, the Dean of the faculty of Mass Communication, Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the Dean of the faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology, Dr. Ragaa El Ghamrawy, the Leader of Student Activities of the faculty of Mass Communication and Dr. Lamiaa Mohsen, a Lecturer in the Radio and Television Production Department.