Designing Furniture Using Recycled Materials

The Décor Department seeks to achieve the concept of sustainability in academic curricula. Therefore, 2nd year students in the Décor Department conducted a practical experiment in the finishing materials technology course (D346). This was done under the supervision of Dr. Salma Youssef Karrar, course lecturer, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hana Yassin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design and Prof. Dr. Najwan Shehata, Head of Department.

The students designed and implemented furniture using recycled materials. The designs proposed by the students varied using different recycled materials such as cardboard, metal barrels, car tires, glass scraps, CDs, plastic and wooden boxes, old bags and other used materials. The students’ outputs were so excellent as they reshaped the used materials with distinct designs that achieve functionality and aesthetic value at cost efficient manner.