Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (ASRT), the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announced that the Media Arts Department at PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design was awarded three grants. The awarding came within the context of supporting graduation projects for the academic year 2023-2024 for students of Egyptian public, private, national, technological universities, and higher institutes.

These grants come within the Ministry’s support for distinguished technologically advanced student projects, and the endeavor to link the outputs of scientific research to the Egyptian market and its needs in 15 fields. After careful examination and review by specialized technical panels, the following projects were chosen. First, the graduation project of student Omar Fathi, which was a short narrative film entitled “What You Don’t Know About Your Friend.” Second, the graduation project of student Mohamed Reda, which was a 2D animation film entitled “Brick Soup.” Third, the graduation project of student Rahaf Farid Ahmed Shawqi, which was for the stop-motion film entitled “Before the Last Paper.”

The full result of the accepted individual projects can be viewed through the following link: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/all…/media-releases-ar/accepted