Academic Visit to the Media Production City

The Faculty of Arts and Design is extremely keen on linking the educational process with the requirements of the labor market, and to conduct field visits and academic trips. This is under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hana Yassin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design.

In this context, the Décor Department organized the Cinema, Theater and Television Décor Program, as well as the Media Arts Department organized an academic visit to the Media Production City in the Sixth of October City. The students were received by the public relations officials at the training center, who introduce them to the various activities of the Media Production City. Then, they went to the Dolby Hall for sound engineering, dubbing, and sound effects for cinematic and dramatic works.

In addition, Eng. Morsi Abdel-Moghni, a prominent sound engineering figure in Egypt, gave a lecture on sound in cinematic works, its importance, soundtracks, integration in work events, and various effects with the latest technologies used.

The visit was concluded with the students walking around the open photography areas inside the city, and listening to an explanation on the materials used in setting the external décor. These areas included Alexandria neighborhoods, Garden City, Islamic area, and Pharaonic area.