PUA’s Faculty of Physical Therapy held the first international conference on Physical Therapy entitled “Physical Therapy Towards Sustainable Development“. The conference was honored by the presence of key officials and figures from PUA the Ministry of Health in Alexandria, in addition to a group of deans of faculties of physical therapy in Egypt. Further, a large number of graduates and students of physical therapy in Egypt and the world attended the Conference.


The conference included 47 lectures delivered by a group of physical therapy and medical scientists in Egypt and the world. Physical therapy deans and professors from Egypt, USA, Australia and Switzerland lectured in the event. They also presented a group of researches and lectures to the students from the Faculty of Physical Therapy of both PUA and Kafr El-Sheikh University.


In addition, the conference tackled crucial topics, including the rehabilitation of shoulder and knee joints diseases and injuries. Pain diagnosing, treating, physical therapy and rehabilitation in children, modern techniques in rehabilitating brain and nerve diseases and injuries. Diagnosing and treating pelvic problems and diseases, Physical therapy for diseases and disorders of the locomotor system.


In addition, the conference included a valuable session in the field of therapeutic nutrition, and produced numerous key recommendations in the field of treatment, rehabilitation and disease prevention.