Sustainability in Tourism Workshop

Within the activities of the Pharos Green Campaign: an environmentally friendly university, and under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management organized a workshop entitled “Sustainability in Tourism.” This workshop covered several crucial topics aimed at promoting sustainable tourism practices, including:

  1. Environmental Planning and Sustainability: Good environmental planning is essential for ensuring the sustainability of tourism. This involves developing integrated tourism plans that consider environmental risks and promote the preservation of local natural resources and biodiversity.
  2. Balance between Economic, Environmental, and Social Needs: Achieving sustainability in tourism requires balancing the economic needs of local communities with environmental preservation and cultural diversity. Sustainable tourism should create job opportunities while ensuring environmental and social sustainability.
  3. Cooperation and Partnership: Sustainable tourism necessitates cooperation and partnership among governments, local communities, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. These stakeholders must collaborate to achieve sustainability, share knowledge, and implement best practices.
  4. Education and Awareness: Effective education and awareness campaigns are crucial for promoting sustainable tourism. This involves educating tourists and local communities about sustainable practices and the benefits of preserving natural and cultural resources.
  5. Use of Technology and Innovation: Leveraging technology and innovation can significantly enhance tourism sustainability. This includes using digital tools to reduce environmental impacts, improve resource efficiency, and provide better management of tourist destinations.