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Important Announcement for Foreign Secondary School Students The Public and Private Universities Admission Office announces for the exam timetable for
The faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations announces holding a training course for the faculty’s graduates (class 2018) who
Students of the faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations should attend the final exam on its due date as
  A PUA Delegation Attended a Seminar on “Access to Knowledge: A Future Vision” A delegation of teaching assistants from
  The military service All PUA Egyptian male students, who were born in the 1990s and have not submitted their
  Announcement Training Center Students who are expected to graduate by the end of this semester, are required to regularize
  Military Education Course The Conscription and Military Education Office holds a military education course during the mid-year break from
Blood Donation Campaign On Tuesday, October 30, the faculty of Arts and Design launched a blood donation campaign in cooperation