Charitable Convoy to Bilal Bin Rabah Village for Orphans

The Community Service and Environmental Development Committee at PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology prepared a charitable convoy to Bilal bin Rabah village for orphans. This came in cooperation with PUA’s Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences, to provide short-term relief aid, food stuff, sweets and juices as a gift from PUA to Bilal Bin Rabah Orphan Village. Also, the Committee seeks to set a role model for our students to build a leading generation of volunteers capable of changing society, and pushing it forward with the skills they have acquired. Further, it aims to raise awareness about health care, and to carry out charitable efforts in the Alexandrian community.

A nutritional survey and health education were conducted for the children, recording various measurements such as height and weight. In addition, nutritional advice was given to the children on how and when to wash hands and brush teeth. Moreover, gifts were distributed to the children, including colors, coloring booklets, and scented liquid soap for washing hands.