Role of Fine Arts in Promoting a Sustainable Environment

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Omar Ghonim, Dean of PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design, inaugurated an exhibition titled “Role of Fine Arts in Promoting a Sustainable Environment” in the Faculty’s exhibition hall.

This exhibition showcased the works of students from the Décor Department, which were created as part of the Drawing 2 course (D212). The primary objective of these works was to contribute to one of the sustainable development goals: industry, innovation, and infrastructure.

Students utilized recycled papers, stencils, and various other paper materials to craft textures and formations. They also incorporated inks and acrylic colors to develop intricate patterns and further their creative innovations. The overarching goal of this exhibition was to demonstrate how plastic arts can be employed to foster a sustainable environment and promote positive environmental practices.