Orphan’s Day Preparatory Meeting

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) has demonstrated its steadfast commitment to active engagement in community service initiatives, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering the advancement and welfare of the Alexandrian community. Accordingly, PUA recently held a meeting chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, PUA’s Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, with officials of charitable organizations.

The primary focus of this gathering was to meticulously deliberate on the orchestration of Orphan Day and the essential preparatory measures required for its seamless execution. Throughout the meeting, participants were tasked with providing detailed insights into the anticipated participation levels, encompassing the ages and numerical estimates of children expected from their respective societies. Moreover, they were encouraged to outline the envisaged activities slated for the event.

PUA remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the utmost success of such initiatives, driven by its aspiration to bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of the children involved.