Lecturer. Lamiaa Said Tolba Saleh

Office No: 505

  • Lamiaa said tolba, Lecturer, faculty of physical therapy, pharos university, AlexandriaAdress: 22 Abdel Mohsen el Hosseny Street, El 3essawy, Sidi Bishr   Alexandria.

    –   Phone number: 01007215433

    –     Email: lamiaa.said@pua.edu.eg

  • Facebook: lamyaa said saleh
    • Date of birth: November 28th 1988.
    • Nationality:
    • Place of Birth: Alexandria, Egypt.
    • Status: single

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), Faculty of Physiotherapy, Cairo University, Egypt. With grade: 78% (Very Good).

    Master degree, surgery department, Cairo university. GRADE good (2.8) 2017.

    Doctoral degree, surgery department, Cairo university. GRADE very-good (3.16) 2021.

  • Surgery and burn management
  • Cancer management
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapist: at the Ministry of Health (Ras El-Teen general hospital, Alexandria, Egypt) From September 2011 till October 2014.
  • Physiotherapist: El Rahma Canter for Pediatric physical therapy, Alexandria, Egypt from November 2009 till Jaunuary 2013
  • Physiotherapist: EL EMAM hospital, Alexandria, Egypt from February 2013 till November 2015
  • Physiotherapist: EL AHLY hospital, Alexandria, Egypt from Jaunuary 2014 till Mars 2014.
  • Physiotherapist: AYADY ELMOSTAKBAL FOR CANCER PATIENTS, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Physiotherapist: Royal hospital, Alexandria, Egypt from 2016 till 2019.
  • Workshop of modern trends in spasticity management for children with cerebral palsy 16th December 2011.
  •  Radiological imaging for physical therapy practice (Brain & Spine)2012.
  •  NDT (Neuro Developmental Techniques) for pediatric physical therapy 2014.
  •  Primephysio annual conference, faculty of medicine, Alexandria 2015.
  • Benzer workshop at Hilton king ranch, Alexandria In April and August 2016.
  •  The Second scientific conference for physical therapy in Alexandria 2016.
  • Workshop for international publication at Pharos University December 2016.
  •  The basic science conference at Kafr El Sheikh University December 2016
  •  The Third scientific conference for physical therapy in Alexandria 2017.
  •  The scientific conference for physical therapy in cairo 2018.
  •  Primephysio annual conference, cairo 2018.
  •  Lymphedyma workshop cairo university 2018.
  •  The scientific conference for physical therapy in cairo 2019.
  •  Workshop for creation of new projects between different faculties at Pharos University 2019.
  •  Supervisor at Students conference between physical therapy faculties at MTI University 2019.
  •  The Rhinology for scientific interaction and continuous medical education 28th-30th July Sheraton Al Montaza –Alexandria.
  • Workshop of pain science revolution 9th August, 2019 Faculty of medicine, Alexandria.
  •  Workshop of cervical spine orthopedic manual therapy 16th August, 2019 Faculty of medicine, Alexandria.
  • The conference of Innovative future of Neuroscience, Faculty of medicine, Alexandria university 14th September ,2019.
  • The 1st international conference of the faculty of physical therapy Delta University for science and Technology 19-20 October 2019 Semiramis Intercontinental, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The 4th scientific conference of Alexandria physical therapy syndicate under title of physical therapy and evidence base of rehabilitation 2nd and 3rd Jan .2020
  •  Workshop of online teaching tips and tricks 10th October,2020.
  • Online Workshop of Entrepreneurial pedagogy 9th-11th November 2021.
  • Noninvasive 2nd Generation Radiofrequency New Millennium for physiotherapists 16th of December 2021 at University of Hertfordshire