UC 01 – Communication skills

Wessam Magdi El-Refaie

Course lecturer :

Toka Mohamed- Nada Ahmad- Mariam Yasser- Rania Magdi- Sylvia Saad- Mohamed Mundy

Course assistant :

• Highlight the benefits of communicating expressively, to diverse audiences, in work and life. • Distinguish between good and bad communication and the different mechanisms by which student can communicate. • Provide a professionally-oriented, skills-based learning that emphasizes on excellence in oral and written communication. • Develop productive activities among students in ways that encourages clear, effective and ethical communication. • Encourage the students to work in teams and to give a positive impact wherever they work.

Course objectives :

The course provides an overview on the theory and basics of the communication process and its benefits. It also provides various types and methods of oral and written communication with different practical activities to help the students to overcome the barriers for achieving successful communication.

Course description :

Item Marks Percent Continuous assessment 25 25% Midterm Exam 15 15% Final Project 30 30% Final written Exam 30 30%

Course assessment :

Locker, K.O., Kienzler, D.S. (2013). Business and administrative communication, 10th edition, Richard D. Irwin, Inc.

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