Round Code Collage Name إلى من التاريخ اليوم
1st Round ART Faculty of Arts and Design 3 ظهراً 10 صباحاً 14-2-2022 الإثنين
COMM Faculty of Mass Communication
PHAR Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufact. 10 مساءً 3 ظهراً
FINA Faculty of Financial&administrative Sci.
PHYS Faculty of Physical Therapy 3 ظهراً 10 صباحاً 15-2-2022 الثلاثاء
AHST Faculty of Applied Health Science Techn
ALLIED Faculty of Allied Medical Science
LANG Faculty of Languages and translation 10 مساءً 3 ظهراً
TOUR Faculty of Tourism and hotel management
LEGAL Legal Studies and international Relation
DENT Faculty of Dentistry 3 ظهراً 10 صباحاً 16-2-2022 الأربعاء
AICS Computer Science&Artificial Intelligence
ENGI Faculty of Engineering 10 مساءً 3 ظهراً