Research Author
A novel investigation of statins myotoxic mechanism: effect of atorvastatin on respiratory muscles in hypoxic environment Samar Osama El-ganiny
The possible antidiabetic effects of vitamin D receptors against in rat model of type 2 diabetes Menna Allah Ali El-Tarawy
Shooting three inflammatory targets with a single bullet : Novel multi-targeting anti-inflammatory glitazones Hala Fouad Moahmed Labib
A new design for chronological release profile of etodolac from coated bilayer tablets: in vitro and in vivo assessment Ragwa Mohamed Farid Mansour
Evaluating the therapeutic potential of one-carbon donors in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Menna Allah Ahmed Ismail Ali
Synthesis and biological evaluation of purine-pyrazole hybrids incorporating thiazole, thiazolidinone or rhodanine moiety as 15-LOX inhibitors endowed with anticancer and antixidant potential Omima Gaber Shaban
An initial demonstration of polyster monomer coordination properties: synthesis and biological activity of metal complexes derived from anew naosized diol Hend Mohamed Hussien
Emergence of blaved and blages among VIM-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates in Alexandria, Egypt Amira Gaber Ali Hassan
Improved oral bioavailability of he anticancer drug catechin using chitosomes: Design, in-vitro appraisal and in-vivo studies Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
Anionic versus cationic bilosomes as oral nanocarriers for enhanced delivery of the hydrophilic drug risedronate Heba Hazaa
Diosmin nanocrystal-loaded wafers for treatment of diabetic ulcer: In vitro and in vitro evaluation Nora Attia Hassan
Opportunistisc parasitoses among egyptian hemodialysis patients in relation to CD4+ T-cell counts: a comparative study Faika Ebrahim Mohamed Hassanen
Controlled release Ibu-cryobarriers for the prevention of post-operative adhessions: In-vitro comparative study Noha Soliman Hasan El-Salamony
A novel HPLC-DAD method for simultaneous determination of febuxostat and diclofenac in biological samples: parmacokinetic outcomes Sameh El-Sayed Younis Amer
Synthesis of some new C2 substituted dihydropyrimidines and their electrophysiological evaluation as L-/T-type calcium channel blockers Ola Hassan Rizk Shehata
Research Author
Topographic changes of two different ni ti file systems after multiple uses Soliman Mohamed Kamha
Evaluation of canal transportation and centring ability of nickel titanium versus stainless steel rotary systems an( in vitro study) Mohamed Adel Hussein Ebrahim
A novel nanocomposite of liquidambar styraciflua fruit biochar -crosslinked – nanosilica for uranyl removal from water Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
Characterization of the apical bridge barrier formed following amelogenin apexification Moustafa Anwer Matar
Design and testing of high-dentistry polyethylene nanocomposites filled wih lead oxid micro- and nanoparticles: mechanical, thermal and morphological properties Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
Effect of increased crown-implant ratio on the strain developed around short dental implants Alaa Maher Khalifa
Assessment of osteoimmunological changes following orthognathic surgery Sarah Mohamed Saied Abd El-Fattah Soliman
Effect of sintering and surface treatments on shear bond strength of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate to resign cements Nourhan Amr Abd El-Moniem
Fabrication and characterization of phosphotungstic acid-copper oxide nanoparticles-plastic waste nanocomposites for enhanced radiation-shielding Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
Comparison between biaxial flexural strength and microstructure of surface polished and glaze- fired specimens zirconia lithium silicate glass germic Youssef Ahmed Yehia Ashour
Dental management of achild with ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia cleft lip/palate syndrome: A case report Yassmin Ebrahim El-Hamouly
A combined treatment of curcumin, piperine and taurine alters the circulating levels of il-10 and mir-21 in hepatocellular carcinoma patients: A pilot study Tamer Abd El-Aziz El Shafie
Evaluation of Biaxial flexural strength between two types of glass ceramics (in vitro study ) Youssef Ahmed Yehia Ashour
Evaluation of marginal fit between two types of glass ceramics ( in vitro study ) Youssef Ahmed Yehia Ashour
Research Author
A new permutation – Based image encryption scheme Wessam Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Salama
Performance analysis and power optimization for spectrum sharing mixed RF/FSO relay network with energy harvesting Mohamed Abd El-Karem Abo El-Hassan
Synthesized silver carbon nanotubes and zinc oxide nanoparticles and their ability to remove methylene blue dye Moustafa Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed
Heat transfer enhancement in a radial turbulent sink flow cooling system Noha Alaa El-Deen
Research Author
volatile organic compounds of biofluids for detecting lung cancer by an electronic nose based on artificial neural network Mohamed Ismail Badawy Sayed
Chemical profiling, biostatic and biocidal dynamics of origanum vulgare L.essential oil Sahar Mohamed Fekry
Successful treatment of acute experimental toxoplasmosis by spiramycin-loaded chitosan nanoparticles Nancy Abd El-Kader
Research Author
Effect of shoulder stability exercises on hand grip strength in patients with shoulder imingement syndrome Ashraf Ramadan Hafez
Comparison of the effects of short-duration wrist joint splinting combined with physical therapy alone on the management of patients with lateral epiconylitis Ashraf Ramadan Hafez
Research Author
From the establishment of the court of justice of the african union to malabo protocol: the defies to the original judicial mode of protection of human rights Waleed Hassan Fahmy
The just war and the mystry of self defense Waleed Hassan Fahmy
Research Author
تقييم نظام قياس مهارة راغبي العمل بالفنادق
(من وجهة نظر رؤساء أقسام منافذ الأغذية والمشروبات )
Ihab Fathy Abd El-Aziz
العوامل المؤثرة على اختيار طلاب كليات السياحة والفنادق للمقررات الاختيارية ومدى قدرة تسجيلات الفيديو الرقمية في تسهيل عملية اتخاذهم لهذا للقرار Mahmoud Ahmed Abd El-Raof Abo Shouk
Research Author
فاعلية إدارة علاقات العملاء عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي: دراسة حالة على شركة تويوتا Merhan Mohsen Mohamed El-Sayed
Research Author
التفكير البصري كأحد أنماط التفكير الغير لفظي ومدى تأثيره على العملية الاتصالية Amira Salah El-Dein Ahmed
التطور البصري الصفحات التفاعلية في تصميم المجلات الإلكترونية Hekmat Hassan Mohamed Abd El-Lateef
دراسة أنظمة التقنيات التفاعلية وأساليب العرض المُجسم ومحدداتهما داخل الفراغات الداخلية Aya Mohamed Fathy Abd El-Fattah
التوجهات المعاصرة لإستخدام التطور التكنولوجي للمنسوجات ودمجها مع الخامات في التصميم الداخلي Lina Ali Mohamed Ali