The students of the Departments of Tourism and Hotel Management, under the auspices and support of the college administration and the supervision of the faculty members, discussed the graduation project course (Part One). Where the students worked hard to present a set of creative ideas that confirm the idea of ​​entrepreneurship in the field of tourism and hospitality industry.

The projects were presented and discussed through an evaluation committee, in which a group of distinguished professors in the tourism and hospitality industry participated, led by Prof. Mona Barakat and Dr. Mohamed Nassar. Mohamed Youssef, Director of Ramasside Tours

The evaluation committee praised the graduation project ideas for the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Pharos University in Alexandria, which combined the academic and applied aspects, that mirrored the college’s level and its contribution to community service.

The faculty has implemented all precautionary measures to preserve the safety of students and all faculty members

Finally, the faculty leadership acknowledge and appreciate the honorable efforts, done by the students and wishing them a continued success in their practical career.