The Petrochemical Engineering Department, in cooperation with the AICHE student chapter and the Student Activities Department, organized a workshop entitled “Water Transfer Printing Technology” on Tuesday, 19 November 2019. The workshop keynote speaker was Eng. Ehab Khatab, an expert in water transfer printing technology and the manager of Ehab Khatab Water Transfer Printing Company. The workshop was divided into two sections: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part included:

  • An introductory lecture on water transfer printing technology which is a new technology using water transfer printing on materials such as wood, iron, futec, metal or plastic in different techniques where water simply permeates any 3D piece.
  • The advantages of water transfer printing.
  • Water transfer printing steps.
  • Explanatory video on water transfer printing technique.

Following that, there was the practical part which was held in the Organic Chemistry Lab where students and teaching assistants participated in water transfer printing process on more than one piece of plastic.