Training Opportunities

PUA Training Centre announces the second set of training opportunities for the students of the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments as well as the students of the faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences. The students are going to receive training in the Electricity Distribution Company in Alexandria.

The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences
Training Programme:
The first set from 1/7/2018 to 21/7/2018.
The second set from 24/7/2018 to 13/8/2018.
The third set from 9/9/2018 to 30/9/2018.

The Faculty of Engineering
The Electrical Engineering Department:
Training Programme:
The first set from 4/7/2018 to 14/7/2018.
The second set from 9/7/2018 to 18/7/2018.

The Mechanical Engineering Department
Training Programme:
The first set from 26/8/2018 to 4/9/2018.
The second set from 9/9/2018 to 19/9/2018.
For more information, please visit the PUA Training Centre.