TM 411 – Events Management

Course lecturer :

  • Prof./ Amany Refaat

Course assistant :

  • Amel Aboul Dahab

Course objectives :

This course will enquire students with knowledge and skills needed to professionally organize and manage different types of events in various sectors. Moreover, this multi-disciplinary course seeks to develop students\’ abilities and skills in marketing, sponsorship, event logistics, budgeting, programing, entertainment, people management and computer applications. Furthermore, the course provides students with specified knowledge in events etiquette and protocols as well as events safety, security procedures, and crisis management. Finally, this course analyzes the role of events in tourist destinations development and adapting sustainable event tourism.

Course description :

This course introduces the student to the trends, organization and the structure of events and their importance in the travel business. It is suggested that students interested in the organization of events and conferences undertake the event and conference management.

Course assessment :

1. Written Exams 2. Pre-class quiz 3. Presentation 4. Class discussions 5. Assignments 6. Research 7. Class activities 8. Critical Thinking 9. Practical Internship 10. Problem based learning 11. Assessment of Professional Skills

Recommended text books :

  1. Ruth Dowson, David Bassett, (2015), Event Planning and Management: A Practical Handbook for PR and Events, ISBN: 9780749471392.
  2. Bowdin, G. A. J, (2011), Events management, Oxford Burlington, MA, 2nd ed.xxi, 510 p, John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd

Recommended refrences :

  1. Event Scotland, 2006, Events Management: A Practical Guide : a Reference for Event Planning and Production in Scotland, EventScotland Staff
  2. Event Assured (2005). Risk Check List for Event Organisers – Risk and your Event.(Internet) Event Assured Advice Centre, 28 April. Available from (accessed 17 July 2005). 1. 2.