THM 321 – Feasibility Study for Tourism and Hospitality

Course lecturer :

Mrs . Nadine Essam

Course assistant :

  • Mr. Hamada Gamal
  • Mr. Amr Elmoghraby

Course objectives :

The course provides students with knowledge and skills to prepare feasibility study before starting a new project, developing a new product or service, establishing a new business or upgrading, and modifying existing business to decide if it is feasible within the estimated cost or not.

Course description :

Describe business idea generation process Sycle. and Outline the components of pre-feasibility and feasibility study. Determine project alternative location and identify project’s competitors, and target markets. Determine the suitable marketing strategies and tactics for the project products and services.

Course assessment :

  • Mid Term Exam 20% (20 Marks)
  • Interactive Learning 30% (30 Marks) (Quizzes – Presentation – Assignment – Mini-project, Assessment of Professional Skills)
  • Final Written Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Recommended text books :

Temba Munsaka, (2013), The Importance of Project Feasibility Study: With practical examples.

Recommended refrences :

1. Baker, K. (2000). Project Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis for Hospitality

2. Overton, R., (2007),Feasibility Studies Made Simple. Published July 2007 in e-book format operations. Hospitality Press. ISBN-10: 186250489X. ISBN-13: 978-1862504899.