ISL306 – Italian Second Foreign Language Terminology

Course lecturer :

Sig.Ahmed Zohdy

Course assistant :

Mr.Adel Samir

Course objectives :

This course aim to carry the student to a higher advanced level in Italian language. Provide students with higher linguistic skills and additional information concerning the modern Italian culture and its importance worldwide.

Course description :

The ability of reading, writing, and speaking Italian in a beginner manner. The ability to use appropriate vocabulary in diverse situations, with special attention to slang and modern idiomatic expressions in the Italian language.

Course assessment :

Final-term Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Mid-Term Exam 20%(20 Marks)

Practical Exam 10%(10 Marks)

interactive learning 20%(20Marks)

Recommended text books :

La Chiave del Successo

Recommended refrences :

Nuovo Progetto Italioano