HM 411 – Resort and Condominium Management

Course lecturer :

  • Ass.Prof Ghada basyouny
  • Dr. Eslam Fathy

Course assistant :

  • Mr.Abdallah Mohamed

Course objectives :

a1- Review the scope of the resort and condominium industry.(A9) a2- Identify the principles and techniques of managing resorts and condominium (A1) a3- Determine the various classification of the resorts (A9) a4- Identify Key recreational activities and facilities of different types of resorts and condominium (A1) a5.Identify the varies social, economic and cultural concerns related to resort industry (A9) a6.Understand how design affect efficiency and profitability and guest perception of environment (A9) b1- Criticize the comprehensive characteristics of resort and condominium (B1) b2- Appraise the critical issues for long term sustainability when managing resort and condominium (B8) b3- Differentiate between types of resorts (B4) b4- Distinguish between types of condominium (B4) b5-Demonstrate the role of community association in condominium management(B6) c1- Design a resort facilities according to location (C18) c2 – Apply sustainable development principles for resorts (C10) c3- Evaluate external and internal challenges in resorts (C14) c4- Compare between Eco resort and Green resort (C12) c5.Analyze the quality of resort services(C12) c6.Manage the organization structure of resort and condominium (C18) d1- Practice the communication &presentation skills (D11) d2- Work &interact through the teamwork (D1) d3- Achieve the assigned tasks in a certain time limit (D3) d4- Practice self-learning (D5) d5- Deal with problems in work environment (D2)

Course description :

This course aims to introduce students to general management issues across the resort and condominium sectors in an accessible and manageable way while focusing on the challenges of managing resorts. It integrates the themes of sustainability, internationalism and technology to provide a thoroughly modern approach to the study of resort and condominium management. It also provides comprehensive coverage of all the most common types of resorts and condominium. Students will gain exposure to the wide range and high level of services and activities expected by resort and condominium guests and affect by today\’s r\\esorts.

Course assessment :

 Mid Term Exam and Quizzes 25% (25 marks)  Class Activities (Assignments ,presentation, Projects, Tutorial, Professional Skills assessment) 25% (25 marks)

Recommended text books :

Gee, C.Y. (2010), World of Resorts From Development to Management 1. (3th edition), American hotel & lodging educational institute 2. Mill, R. C. (2008), Resort Management and Operation (2th edition), John Wiley & Sons.

Recommended refrences :

3. Murphy, P.(2008), The Business of Resort Management. Taylor & Francis. London.