The Impact of Media on Boosting Tourism in Egypt

Within the framework of the aspiration of the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management to capitalize on the experts of the tourism industry and to be inspired by their experiences as entrepreneurs in the field, a seminar entitled “The Impact of Media on Boosting the Tourism Industry in Egypt” was held on Tuesday 23/10/2018, in the presence of Dr. Atef Abdellatif, the Head of Mosafron Association for Tourism and Travelling. On her part, Prof. Amnay Refaat, the Dean of the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Atef Abdellatif for accepting the invitation and his keenness to enrich the students’ academic experiences with his professional skills and experience. In his word, Dr. Abdellatif stressed upon how Egypt is unique for being the cradle of civilizations and the birthplace of the three religions, however these unparalleled features have not been capitalized on in promoting tourism. Accordingly, he asked the tourism authorities to accelerate the process of launching tourism marketing campaigns by the aid of media since this will play a major role in the revival of the tourism sector and the increase of the numbers of tourists to Egypt. The students expressed great appreciation of the contribution of Dr. Atef Abdellatif throughout the seminar. At the end of the seminar, a documentary, made by Dr. Atef Abdellatif, was displayed about Saint Catherine as a cradle of civilizations and religions.