Prof. Ashraf Zaki, the Head of the Graphics Department in the Faculty of Arts and Design won the first place in art on paper in the Art Competition ASREA 2019 which was organized by the Association for the support of European-Arab Relations (ASREA) in Rome, Italy on 22/10/2019. The results of the competition were announced at a grand ceremony in the presence of Dr. Nasser Al-Jilani, the head of ASREA in Rome and the critic Cecilia Paolini. The competition jury panel was comprised of the critic Ciro Cianni, the international photographer Maurizio Gabbana, the critic Michele Cirillo, the critic Penélope Filacchione, and the great artist Valerio de Philippes who commended Prof. Ashraf Zaki for the high standard of the work of art. This artistic work reflected the crowdedness of Alexandria City with mosaic pieces. Despite the crowdedness, Alexandria still carries beauty within it.