In the presence of Prof. Shimaa Abu Elazm- the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Hamdy Elwakel- the Academic Advisor for the President of the university, the Academic Staff and Teaching Assistants, the Faculty of Physical Therapy held an orientation day for the freshmen on Monday 23/09/2019 to orient the students to the system of the faculty and its departments.

The day started with presentation about the university, the faculty of Physical Therapy, its department and activities. Then there was the word of the Dean of the faculty that followed by the word of the Academic Advisor for the president of the university to welcome the attendees and to give an image about the faculty and its academic system. Salma was a student in the fifth year and a member of the student union who explained the departments of the faculty and the courses of the first year. After that, Mohamed Arkob was a student in the fifth year who presented a flipchart of the halls for easy access to the places of the lecture. Dr. Rania Hassan- the coordinator of Training Center had a word about the activities and services of the Training Center that were organized by the faculty. At the end, there was a discussion between the attendees, the academic staff and assisting teachers to answer all the questions.