Under the auspices of Prof. Maged El Ghazouly, the Dean of the faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing the faculty held a workshop entitled “Handling of Experimental Animals: Dosage forms, Routes of Administration, Sampling and Organ Isolation” on 19/10/2019. The workshop was attended by Prof. Soad Toaima, the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. Hend Hessin, the coordinator of the faculty’s training courses. The workshop was delivered by Assistant Prof. Wessam El Hadidy who works in the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department. During the workshop, Assistant Prof. Wessam El Hadidy addressed many important points such as:

  • Methods of handling experimental animals.
  • Types of drugs given to experimental animals.
  • Methods of calculating doses.
  • Different routes of drug administration.
  • Different methods of taking blood samples.
  • Organ isolation

The workshop was attended by a number of faculty members and teaching assistants of different medical faculties in the university.