The Faculty of Mass Communication held a seminar on Monday Morning 17/06/2019 for discussing the graduation projects of the faculty students of the following departments: (Journalism, Public Relations and Radio and TV Departments). The projects were evaluated by an examination panel which comprised of a number of external examiners including:

Mr/ Salah Eldeen Mostafa – the Former head of Television

Eng/ Osama Elshikh – the Former head of the Radio and Television Union

Mr/ Amal Sohby – A Senior of Broadcasters in Alexandria Channel

Mr/ Rizk Eltarabeshy – the Head of Journalists’ syndicate in Alexandria

Mr/ Nabil Abu Shal – the Manager of El-Masry El-youm office in Alexandria

Dr/ Omnia Zazoh – the tenured professor of Public Relations and Media at MSA

Prof. Ramadan Abu Elelah – the Vice President of the University for community Service and Environmental Development affairs followed some projects from different departments especially that relating to Social Service. Prof. Fawzy Abd Elghany – the Dean of the faculty supervised the discussion of all graduation projects with the participation of faculty members and teaching assistants. This was mentioning that the examination panel praised the outstanding level of the students and their exerted efforts in implementing these projects.