The Academic Rankings of World Universities

Sunday 11/2/2018

“The Training and Awareness- Raising Committee at the Quality Assurance Unit- the faculty of Engineering held a seminar on “the Academic Rankings of World Universities and Pharos University Current Ranking”. The seminar was given by Prof. Boushra Salem, the International Relations Consultant for the President of Pharos University. This was held on Sunday 11/2/2018 at room E127. Three major themes were discussed during the seminar; the first was on the importance of the academic rankings of world universities and the second was on the impact of scientific research on the rankings of world universities. As for the third theme, it was about the necessity of setting a plan for raising the rankings of the Egyptian universities to reach the rankings of world universities. Among the themes that Prof. Boushra Salem discussed in the seminar was the different types of the world rankings. The seminar was held in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abu Ali, the Dean of the faculty of Engineering, heads of departments, faculty members and teaching assistants.