A delegation from the faculty of Physical Therapy – Pharos University attended the 1th International Conference of the faculty of Physical Therapy which was organized by Delta University for Science and Technology in Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis on 19-20 October 2019. The delegation was comprised of Prof. Shaimaa Abo El Azm, the Dean of the faculty of Physical Therapy, faculty members, teaching assistants and a number of students. The conference also witnessed the participation of both PUA physiotherapy academic staff members and students which comes as follows:
– Three researches were presented during the conference by the faculty academic staff members, including Professor Mona Sayed Ahmed who works in the department of Physical Therapy for Pediatrics and Its Surgery; Dr. Atef Mohamed Doier, a Lecturer in the department of Physical Therapy for Women Health and Ms. Aliaa Mohamed El Abd, an assistant lecturer in the Basics Science Department.
– Three researches were presented by the faculty students, including the student Esraa Hamdy El Nagaty for a research about “Cervical Spondylosis”, the student Eman Marghany for a research about “Gout” and the student Mina George for a research entitled “Clinical Nutrition in Different Cases”.