The faculty of Dentistry – Pharos University partook in the 18th International Dental Congress that was organized by the Egyptian Dental Association (EDA) in Cairo on Thursday 23/11/2017 at City Stars Intercontinental Hotel. PUA dental students presented 4 research papers on Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Diseases and Periodontics in the congress. These were out of a total of 120 research papers have been conducted by PUA dental students- class 2017. The students also presented five cases that have undergone comprehensive dental care, out of a total number of 159 cases provided with the needed medical care by class 2017. This was conducted under the auspices of Prof. Ahmed Yehia Ashour, the faculty Dean and submitted under the supervision of faculty members and teaching assistants. The faculty of Dentistry- Pharos University has the honour to be a pioneer of applying the comprehensive care project since 2014.