Students Activities Mass CommunicationStudents Activities Mass Communication

  Sports Day   The Faculty of Arts and Design organized a sports day in the playground of the University
  Charity Convoys The Life Makers team participated in several charity convoys including: Al-Agami convoy (20-5-2016) Bakos convoy (27-5-2016) Al-Seeof
  Color Festival 11/4/2016 The Architectural Engineering Department organized a color festival to all students of the department in the
  Photo day 12/5/2016 Under the auspices of the Students' Activities Administration in Pharos University, the Faculty of Engineering with
  Alamreya Charity Convoy 20/5/2016 The Life Makers Team participated in Alamreya charity convoy on Friday 20/5/2016- under the supervision
  A Convoy of Blankets The students of activities in the Life Makers Team participated in a charity convoy of
  The Annual Charity Market 10/5/2016   The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences launched the annual charity market for
Charity Market The Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Administration, in association with the Student Activities Administration, organized a Charity Market
  Treasure Hunt 9/5/2016 The Architectural Engineering Department organized a leisure activity for the students, i.e. the Treasure Hunt. All
  Sports Day 5/5/2016 The students of activities of the Life Makers Family participated in the sports day – under