Students Activities Mass CommunicationStudents Activities Mass Communication

PUA Students Attended the Egyptian’s Parliament General Session Tuesday 17/4/2018 The faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations organized a
Arabian Day Tuesday 10/4/2018   Connect Family, a student-led club at the faculty of Engineering, held an Arabian Day for
Prof. Alex Gibson Visited the Faculty of Tourism Prof. Alex Gibson Visited the Faculty of Tourism In the light of
Drama Directing Workshop The faculty of Mass Communication holds a three-day workshop on “Drama Directing” from 21 to 23 April
PUA Celebrated Orphans’ Day Friday 13/4/2018 The Student Activities Department held the annual celebration of the orphans’ day on Friday
The Prospects of Petrochemical Industry in Egypt Thursday 10/4/2018 The Petrochemical Engineering Department held an open meeting between a number
Prof. Winfried Banzer’s Visit to PUA Faculty of Physical Therapy In the light of the PUA continued cooperation with Goethe
PUA Community Projects Competition The faculty of Engineering took the first place at PUA Community Projects Competition for presenting a
The Engineering Scientific Day The faculty of Engineering is pleased to announce “the Engineering Scientific Day” for the academic year
Pharos University Signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Egyptian Styrene and Polystyrene Production Company (E.Styrenics)Thursday 12/4/2018 In the light of