Pharos University offers scholarships to the faculty of Physical Therapy, with a minimum acceptance score of 97%.
Applications for scholarships could be submitted from 2/9/2019 to 4/9/2019 at the Admission and Registration Office in the food court building.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of thanawiya amma certificate.
  • The payslip/the pension statement of the guardian OR a statement of their social status issued from the Social Affairs Sector in case of lack of the aforementioned papers.
  • The applicant’s guardian SHOULD write down his/her phone number to get contact with them on acceptance.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Scholarships are offered for ONLY students with thanawiya amma certificates from public schools in the Arab Republic of Egypt- class 2019.
  • The applicant SHOULD pass the English language test as well as the personal interview.
  • The applicant should NOT have applied for any other private or public university.
  • Selection is made according to a scrutinized social research which demonstrates the applicant’s inability to pay the tuition fees.
  • It is preferable that applicants are from remote areas.
  • It is preferable that applicants are children of martyrs.

It is worth mentioning that the deadline for registration is 4/9/2019. Names of accepted students will be announced at the university’s official website after finishing the internal admission phase.

While applying to scholarship, please ensure that your phone number is written on the application form, otherwise your application will NOT be taken into consideration.