Safe Egypt Competition (Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Manpower) Participate & Display Your Talent

The Ministry of Manpower, in collaboration with the Egyptian Universities, announces an occupational health and safety competition. Applicants should present artistic works about occupational health and safety including animations, videos, motion graphics, motion pictures or application programs. The competition aims at raising awareness of safety measures among the different social strata and lessening the possibility of accidents and the subsequent injuries. The mission of the competition is to highlight the precautionary measures that should be adopted to provide safety for us and others. The artistic works should tackle one of the following themes:

  • Home Safety Measures (for mother and child)
  • Road Safety Measures
  • Workplace Transport Safety
  • Safety in Educational Institutions
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Occupational Safety.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The duration of the competition is three months. The competition prerequisites (artistic works) should be submitted to the secretary of the Dean of the faculty of Arts and Design from 2/6/2018 to 12/6/2018.
  2. Each participating team should not have more than five students.
  3. The duration of presenting any of the above mentioned types of artistic works should not exceed five minutes.
  4. The presented artistic work should not have received prizes from any institution, along with taking into consideration the rules of the intellectual property.
  5. Participants should grant the Ministry of Manpower the permission to utilize the innovative artistic work for the public interest without considering it a violation to the intellectual property rights of the inventor.
  6. Registration will be open from 15/2/2018 to 1/5/2018 through the official website of the ministry of Manpower


  1. The artistic works will be assessed by a specialized committee through a set of assessment criteria: the main theme of the work- its scientific value- its artistic value.
  2. Only the three top artistic works from each participating university will be chosen.
  3. Winners of only the first places from all the participating universities will be competed to choose the best artistic work across the country.


University Awards

The top three places at the level of the university will be honoured as follows:

  1. The first place is awarded 3000 L.E., a certificate of appreciation to each member of the team and the competition trophy.
  2. The second place is awarded 2000 L.E. and a certificate of appreciation to each member of the team.
  3. The third place is awarded 1000 L.E. and a certificate of appreciation to each member of the team.

The first place is awarded 5000 L.E. and the plaque of the Ministry of Manpower.