PUA Provides Job Opportunities For Its Graduates

Prof. Ramadan Abu El-ala- the Vice President for Community Services and Environment Development received a delegation of Chinese company in Suez Canal, economic zone. This was held on Sunday 28/04/2019. This company is a leading one in Fiberglass industry worldwide. The first three stages investments of the project company reached 223 million dollars and 1700 workers, engineers and employees. The Chinese delegation came to interview the applicants to resume training and employment procedures of the faculty of Engineering of department of Petrochemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as the graduates of faculty of languages and translation Chinese department.

Mr. Kareem Rabeh –the Deputy General Director of the Human Resources department at the company represented the Chinese party in the interview committee. In the presence of Asst.Prof. Ehssan Nassif- the Director of the field training center and Ms. Sandra Mohamed- a Demonstrator in Chinese department at the faculty of Languages and Translation. This was held under the supervision of Prof. Ramadan Abu El-ala – the Vice President for community services and environment development. Thirty graduates from Engineering departments and ten graduates of Chinese language department. They agreed upon setting another date to interview the graduates of faculty of financial and administration sciences.