PUA Hosted the Director Abdullah Dawestashy

The faculty of Languages and Translation held a workshop on “Shooting and Directing Documentaries” for the faculty students on Tuesday 20/2/2018. The workshop was given by Mr. Abdullah Dawestashy, a director and photographer of documentaries in Bibliotheca Alexandrina. He was also a prize winner in Alexandria International Festival for Documentaries. The seminar also included screening a documentary entitled as “Watch Alexandria Like Never Before” that was discussed by Prof. Sahar Hammouda. It was then announced a documentary film competition on Alexandria for all PUA students. Prof. Sahar Hammouda appointed a special committee of external examiners from Bibliotheca Alexandrina to be on the panel of the competition.
Interested applicants should take the following points into consideration:
– The film duration should not exceed 10 minutes.
– The film should have ONLY one theme (tackling a phenomenon or a problem in Alexandria).
– The participants can work in groups.
Documentary films should be submitted to Mrs. Rania Bassiouny, the competition coordinator and the faculty student activities leader on a deadline of 24/4/2018