Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs met with Eng. Sherief Elbialy, the Chairman of El Safa Press for Printing and Packaging on Sunday 12/11/2017. This meeting was held to thank Eng. Sherief Elbialy for opening up opportunities of summer training for the students of the faculty of Arts and Design in the company. This came as a result of the cooperation protocol that was previously signed between Pharos University and El Safa Press. The meeting was attended by Prof. Hana Yasin, the Dean of the faculty of Art and Design; Dr. Shaimaa Khodeer, a Lecturer at the Graphics Department and the Director of the Field Training Unit at the faculty of Arts and Design and Eng. Mohamed Hakim, the Pre-press Department Manager at El Safa Press and a supervisor of PUA students during their summer training in 2017.

The meeting yielded into the following fruitful results:

  • Providing training in printing and packaging for the teaching assistants of the Graphics Department in Germany.
  • Arranging a visit for the German Ambassador, the German Cultural Attaché and the German Aid Agency Delegate to Pharos University to seek means of academic and scientific cooperation between Pharos Universities and other German universities.