PUA- FDC Workshop on “Fabric Scraps Recycling”

Wednesday 14/3/2018

The faculty of Arts and Design in collaboration with Fashion Design Centre (FDC) in Cairo held a workshop entitled “Fabric Scraps Recycling” for the sophomore students of the Fashion Design Department. This was held on Wednesday 14/3/2018 at the headquarters of the Fashion Design Centre in Cairo. The students’ participation in the workshop was managed by Associate Prof. Nahla El Deeb, a lecturer at the Fashion Design Department and the leader of the faculty student activities. The workshop discussed the following points:
– How to recycle the second-hand clothes and fibrous materials?
– Benefits of recycling clothing and textiles.
During the workshop, the students also were given a lecture on “How to Set up a Business?” where the students got apprised of how to set up, manage and finance small and medium scale businesses. In addition, they got acquainted with how to do a market research and prepare business and marketing plans. The lecture also gave the students some information about the required documents for starting up a business, the keys to building trust and credibility with the customer and sales development strategies. This lecture aspired to introducing the sophomore students of the Fashion Design Department to the “How to Set up a Business?” competition which they are going to take part in.