Prof. Winfried Banzer’s Visit to PUA Faculty of Physical Therapy

In the light of the PUA continued cooperation with Goethe University in German, Prof. Winfried Banzer (Faculty of Sports Medicine – Goethe University Germany) paid a visit to PUA faculty of Physical Therapy on Monday 16 April 2018. Prof. Banzer was received by:

  • Prof. Norhan Fanaky, the Vice-President for Education and Student affairs.
  • Prof. Awny Rahmy, the Dean of the faculty of Physical Therapy.
  • Dr. Mennatallah Gowayed, PUA International Relations Coordinator.
  • Prof. Ahmed Aziz, the International Relations Coordinator of the faculty of Physical Therapy.

The two parties agreed upon promoting cooperation between the two universities. In addition, Prof. Winfried Banzer was assigned two courses entitled as “Sports Injuries” and “Medical Training Therapy” to teach during the next fall and spring semesters. During the visit, Prof. Winfried Banzer also gave a lecture entitled as “Return to play” to the fourth year students.