In the light of the joint agreement between PUA and the University of Eastern Finland, the receivers of the scholarships of the EU Erasmus+ Programme made presentations about these scholarships on Tuesday, 3 December 2019. The receivers of these scholarships were Dr. Mennatallah Ismail, Dr. Samar El Ganaany and Dr. Mohamed Gamal Bekhiet who were awarded scholarships to learn what is new in the pharmacy and drug manufacturing field and the latest advanced methods in teaching and scientific research. The student Sandra Sultan Ali also got a scholarship to study for a whole semester in the University of Eastern Finland. It is worth mentioning that these presentations were attended by:

  • Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, the President of Pharos University.
  • Norhan Fanaky, the Vice-President for Education and Student affairs.
  • Mohamed Helal, the Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Researches.
  • Maged El Ghazouly, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing.
  • Soaad Tema, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Rasha El Bayah- the Vice Dean for Education and Student affairs.
  • Menatallah Goweyad, the PUA International Relations Coordinator.

A number of faculty members and teaching assistants.